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July 2013

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  ENP Days 2013 September 16th to 17th

We thank you for taking the time to register. This is a mandatory step for welcoming you properly at the Grand Hôtel in Le Touquet. Posters Submission Deadline is August 31st 2013.
Please submit poster titles (authors etc) to Laura at

Note that bus departure from Paris Porte Maillot will be at 7:00 am

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ENP meetingFollowing the successful Inserm ‘Café Santé’, the ENP wishes to set up various occasions during the year for meeting and debating with the public about neuroscience. More and more people are eager to meet and talk to you !

Thus we are looking fo researchers who recently published books about their findings who wish to share their knowledge with the public and media. This ENP Neuro Book Club will consist of a series of meetings in a location to be determined in Saint Germain des Près. Please contact Deborah to participate !


Graduate Program Feedback by Emma Cahill

Emma CahillThe ENP PhD program provided me with excellent resources during my PhD in Paris. The administrative and professional backing that they provide really makes life easier for foreign students. I got to meet leading scientists at the annual retreat, attend regular seminars and also present my own work. Our own input to the program is always encouraged, and it’s really easy to get involved and propose events for the network of ENP students. So far we’ve had career workshops, invited speakers and also more social and cultural days out supported by ENP. I’ve definitely made not only professional contacts but also friends that I will continue to appreciate in the future. A PhD is a demanding experience, but the knowledge that there is a dedicated team that wants you to succeed behind you, helps you to focus on developing your professional projects in the best of conditions.

Emma was awarded by the International Brain Research Organisation (IBRO) an "In Europe Short Stay Grant" to fund her one-month stay in the laboratory of Dr. Christian Luscher (University of Geneva, Switerland).

Latest ENP publication by Irene Altarelli

ENP PhD student Irene Altarelli has just published new findings on the anatomical underpinnings of Dyslexia in this week’s issue of Journal of Neuroscience (3 July 2013, 33(27):11296-11301; doi:10.1523/JNEUROSCI.5854-12.2013). In this paper, which Irene co-authored with colleagues from Neurospin (Gif-sur-yvette), Université Paris Sud (Orsay), Ecole Normale Supérieure and Hopitaux Universitaires Genève (Geneva, Switzerland), she describes novel findings on differences in the cortical structure of dyslexic children versus unaffected individuals and a further sex-difference was found with girls brain being more profoundly different than boys. The authors examined the structure of the cortex that becomes activated when words are being read. Cortical thickness in this occipitotemporal region could be estimated based on the MRI data thanks to dedicated software. This work supports and develops previous hypothesis regarding a role for this structure in the pathology of dyslexia and its reduced structural integrity. More impressive is that the study managed to address also the gender difference that was largely missed by previous work. Read more

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