December 2012  

As we reach the end of the year, it is an appropriate time to think about wishes and wants. As general secretary of ENP, I want our foundation to keep serving you to the best of its abilities and to be a focal point for the Paris Region's neuroscience community. To keep going forward and expand our activities, we are prioritizing communication and increasing our online visibility. To keep providing you with the best support, the ENP now needs you. The Steering Committee has decided to ask each team a yearly subscription fee of 1000€, thus permitting us to accomplish our mission.

I hope that this news will not spoil your end of the year celebrations but will reactivate our cooperation. I wish you a good end of 2012 and I hope 2013 will be better or as interesting as you had hoped. And don't hesitate to send us your news about your research and activities !


Yvette Hénin and your dedicated ENP team.



This French-Chinese workshop in Computational Neuroscience is meant to promote scientific as well as social exchanges between participants from the two countries that will eventually lead to new research collaborations as well as exchanges of students and postdocs.
ENP Participants : Sophie Deneve (Paris), Boris Gutkin (Paris), David Hansel (Paris), Carole Levenes (Paris), German Mato (Bariloche/Paris), Dan Shulz (Gif/Yvette).
Organizing committee : David Hansel, Carole Levenes & Guoqiang Bi.
Registration is free of charge. All talks will take place at the "Salle des thèses" in the Saints Pères site of the University Paris Descartes, Bâtiment Jacob. 45, Rue des Saints-Pères 75006 Paris.



3rd IFM colloquium From Neural Dysfunction to Mental Illness

3rd IFM colloquium From Neural Dysfunction to Mental Illness

« On the morning of October 26 2012, a crowd of brain enthusiasts decided to interrupt their rocket science to educate themselves on psychiatric diseases by joining the colloquium organized by young researchers of our institute, the INSERM Fer à Moulin. The theatre was packed, with roughly 180 persons registered. Some post-docs had even arrived from tropical places such as Turkey and South London. They were not disappointed… » Read more



"It was a real privilege to be a member of the ENP network. As a student coming from a different discipline, the Pre-PhD program was very useful for me to experience different approaches in neuroscience, letting me choose the appropriate research direction for me. Having the opportunity to meet with other students and scientists from the network in the scientific and social events organized by the ENP permitted me to establish connections with the scientists not only from my field but also from other domains of neuroscience which helped me see things from different points of view. Before and during my PhD studies, I had a constant help and support from my tutor Alain Trembleau and also from the ENP committee, especially from Jean-Antoine Girault, Patricia Gaspar and Serge Charpak. I am very grateful for all their help and guidance during my studies in France. I am also very thankful to the ENP staff for all their help to settle down and for administration." Esin Yavuz, 2007-2012, UPMC.

"Being a PhD student within the ENP has been a very rewarding experience for me and I would recommend it as a great stepping-stone for any young researcher who wishes to pursue a scientific career in the field of neuroscience. As an ENP student, I have benefited from working in one of the top neuroscience laboratories in my field. Moreover, I have had the opportunity to meet leading international scientists at yearly ENP retreats and neuroscience seminars – I even got to have lunch with a Nobel laureate! One of the most unique features of the ENP is that it encourages its students and gives them the means to organize social and scientific events of their own choosing. Providing us with this responsibility enables each ENP student to take our careers into our own hands and make our goals a reality." Athena Ypsilanti, 2008-2012, UPMC.

The call for applications to the ENP GRADUATE PROGRAM 2013-2014 is now open and will close on January 14th 2013. Go to



Thierry Galli, winner of the Robert-Debré Prize

Thierry GalliThierry Galli is Research Director of the Institut Jacques Monod / University Paris 7, leader of the Inserm research unit 950 "Membrane Trafic in Neuronal and Epithelial Morphogenesis". His research focuses on the molecular and cellular mechanisms that control exocytosis and insertion of receptors and lipids in the plasma membrane, particularly in the context of axonal growth.


Miss Laetitia FillaudeauWhen you pass by our office located in the beautiful Réfectoire des Cordeliers, you will get the chance to meet our new Finance and Accounting Officer Miss Laetitia Fillaudeau (01 71 18 31 44 or email).

Mr Brice MabireAnd if you wish to have more information about the new ENP website, please come and meet Mr Brice Mabire (01 71 18 31 49 or email).



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