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April 2013
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Here is a slide about the ENP to introduce a few words about the network at the end of a presentation in France and abroad.

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Acknowledging ENP support in your papers

"The team of XX is part of the École des Neurosciences de Paris Ile-de-France network."
"XX is the recipient of the ENP Graduate Program fellowship from École des Neurosciences de Paris Ile-de-France".
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  Semaine du Cerveau 2013

It was a huge success for the two ENP nights at the 2013 Brain Awareness Week last edition. We would like to thank the ENP team leaders Hirac Gurden (CNRS-IMNC) for his talk « Miam Miam ! Odeurs, goûts et plaisir de manger » given at the Cité U on March 14th, and Alain Destexhe (CNRS-UNIC) for « Musique en tête » at the ICM on March 15th. Many thanks also to ENP Graduate students Vasilisa Skvortsova, Emma Cahill, Ana-Filipa Teixeira Borges, Urs Lucas Boehm and Alma Mohebiany who fulfilled the mission to bring neuroscience to the public in a fun, clear and comprehensive manner.
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NEW ! ENP Neuro Book Club Nights :
Meet the authors

Following the successful Inserm ‘Café Santé’, the ENP wish to set up various occasions during the year for meeting and debating with the public. Citizens as well as students and business people wish to learn more about our field of science which holds the fastest and biggest progress potential of XXIst century. Many are eager to meet and talk to you ! Therefore, we are presently looking fo researchers who recently published books, of popularization or not, who wish to share their knowledge with the general public. This ENP Neuro Book Club will consist of a series of meetings in a location to be determined in Saint Germain des Près or Quartier Latin quarters.
Please contact us to participate to the first Neuro Book Club Night !

Public Picture : A Day With...

If you wish to contribute to your team’s visibility and if you and your colleagues are likely to be followed by a professional photographer during one of your typical day at the lab, please email us. The ENP website would look even better with lively pictures of as many team members as possible, in their natural environment, meaning during practical work and in experiments’ setting. And we will bring croissants to everyone !

  2013-2014 Graduate Program Applicants’ Audition

On April 4th and 5th, 14 students from Ireland to Nigeria came to Paris to take the GP auditions. Thanks to 11 ENP researchers’ cooperation and 9 ENP students’ enthusiasm, applicants were also given the chance to discover 9 affiliated research centers during two full and exciting days. Read more.

Announce your openings for 2013-2014 Lab Rotations now !

If you wish to host ENP students next year, please send to Laura a full description of your openings.
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Hervé Chneiweiss head of the Inserm Ethics Committee

CNRS Research Director and ENP member from its beginnings, Hervé Chneiweiss has recently been nominated as President of the Inserm Ethics Committee for Medical Research and Public Health. Created in 2000, it aims to be an active voice in the dialogue between the Inserm medical and scientific community and citizens. Chneiweiss succeeds to Jean-Claude Ameisen, President of the National Consultative Ethics Committee (CCNE). Read more


SAVE THE DATE ! The 2013 ENP DAYS will be held on Monday and Tuesday September 16th and 17th at the Grand Hôtel in Le Touquet Paris-Plage.

All seminars to be held in ENP affiliated research centers are available online.

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