Stéphane HUNOT
Directeur de recherche
ED 158


Etienne HIRSCH
Notre projet vise deux objectifs complémentaires :  1) Caractériser les mécanismes impliqués dans la progression de la mort neuronale dans les maladies neurodégénératives et en particulier la...

Biographie / Publications

Stéphane Hunot is Research Director at CNRS. Following receipt of his PhD in cell biology and physiology in 1998 (Pierre et Marie Curie University, Paris), he joined the Section of Immunology at Yale School of Medicine (New Haven, CT) in the laboratory of Pr. Richard Flavell as a post-doctoral fellow where he was trained in molecular biology studying molecular pathways of cell death. It was during this period, being in contact with outstanding immunologists, that he fully realized how much interesting and important the interactions between the immune and nervous systems could be, especially in neurodegenerative conditions. In 2001, he joined the team of Dr Etienne Hirsch at the Salpêtrière Hospital (INSERM, Paris) and established a new research program focused on neuro-immune interactions in Parkinson's disease. Stéphane Hunot is a member of several professional societies and serves on the scientific advisory board for the Association France Parkinson (2006-2012) and the Fondation de France (since 2013). He is a referee for numerous international journals and National agencies.