Séminaires ENP

Pour plus d'information contacter: students.enp@gmail.com

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Who are organizing the ENP seminars?

The ENP seminars are organized by the yearly ENP Student Representatives and an ENP team leader.

Who can participate?

The ENP seminars are open to all the scientific community from students to researchers.

 What are the ENP seminars?

ENP seminars focus on important questions in the six main fields of Neuroscience research covered by the ENP network. 

They are held after the work day and unfold into a “happy hour”. Every year, at least three themes are selected /identified. The format of each  session  is a 10 minute introduction, two invited speakers (each 30 minutes talks + 10 minutes questions), and a senior ENP student speaker (10 minutes talk).

The idea is to treat each session as an introduction to the most burning questions in each field, and to get students to put their research in perspective, while promoting networking and discussion in a relaxed atmosphere with provided refreshments at happy hour.

Venue: Université Paris Descartes, 45 rue des Saints Pères,  75006 - salle R229, 2nd floor, at 6pm.


  • How does the brain see and make art? December 8th

  • Imaging the brain: light vs ultrasound vs electromagnetic field. November 24th.

  • Statistics and Reproducibility: current challenges in Neuroscience. November 3d.

  • Dynamics of memory and Learning, Sept. 29th at 6pm. 

The 2015 Seminars

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