"The ENP post-doc scholarship allowed to join the team of Alain Marty in the Brain Physiology Lab in Paris and study the function of the inhibitory neuron network in the cerebellum. The neurons of that network are extensively connected with each other and together control the output cells of the cerebellum. However, their role in the intact brain during movements, in which the cerebellum is crucially involved, is not known.

The six month ENP scholarship made it possible for me to come back to France in August 2014 after a five year long post-doc in the US. Besides launching my research project, I applied for follow-up funding and succeeded with my application for a CNRS position in 2015. The ENP scholarship therefore arrived at a crucial point of my career and laid the ground for a long-term perspective in French neuroscience research. I am particularly thrilled to join the very vibrant and internationally renowned research community in Paris."

Mickael Graupner, PhD.

Les étudiants financés dans le cadre du programme ENP Postdocs viennent de prestigieuses institutions internationales situées notamment en Espagne, au Portugal, en Allemagne, en Italie, en Angleterre, aux Pays-Bas, à Taïwan, en Chine, en Indie, au  Brésil, ou aux Etats-Unis, comme le California Institute of Technology ou le University College de Londres. 

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