Jean-Léon THOMAS
Directeur de recherche
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Mechanisms of neural stem cell activation in mice and humans


One aspect of our research is the study of oligodendroglial cell development in the embryonic brain, especially the specification and migration of oligodendrocyte precursors (OPs). In addition, since...

Biographie / Publications


1981 University of Nantes, France B.S/M.Sc. Biology and Geology

1992 Institute of Embryology, Nogent/Marne, France Ph.D.

Development, Cell & Mol Biology, University Paris VII

1993-1997 Postdoc & Habilitation (HDR) Developmental

Neurobiology Inserm U711 Hospital Salpetriere, University P.M. Curie, France

Positions and Employment

1983-1992 Professor of Biology in High School

1992-1997 Senior Lecturer in Cell Biology, University Marne la Vallee

1997-2004 Inserm U711, co-director of team “Origin of Oligodendrocytes”, Assistant Professor in Cell

Biology, Univ Marne la Vallee

2005-present Research Director (DR2) (equivalent of associate professor) Inserm UMRS 975

2009-present Inserm UMRS 975, Chief of team “Oligodendrocyte dev & Neurovascular interactions”

2011-present Associate professor, Department of Neurology, Yale School of Medicine