Daniel SHULZ
Directeur de recherche
ED 158 3C ED FDV
Available to host a PhD student
1/ Cholinergic modulation of tactile sensory cortical processing: combining functional cortical imaging and optogenetic approaches. 2/ Integration of a sensory feedback in a Brain-Machine Interface by optogenetic stimulation of neuronal assemblies.


Daniel SHULZ
The Team is specialized in integrative neuroscience. Using the barrel cortex of rodents as a system model, our research is centered on the study of neuronal processes responsible for the coding of...

Biographie / Publications

• 1980 B.Sc. in Biology. Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.
• 1983 M.Sc. in Basic Medical Sciences and Neurobiology. Hadassah Medicine School, Jerusalem, Israel. (with Distinctions).
• 1987 Ph.D. in Neurosciences. University of Paris XI. Laboratoire de Neurobiologie et Neuropharmacologie du Développement. (Très Honorable).
• 2002 Habilitation Diploma for Research Direction. Univ. Paris XI.

• 1989/93 Scientist (tenured) at the CNRS (Chargé de Recherche).
• 1993/2002 Senior scientist at CNRS (Chargé de Recherche 1st class). 
• since January 2000 Head of the "Sensory Processing, Neuromodulation and Plasticity" Lab at UNIC (Gif sur Yvette, France).
• since 2002 Research Director at CNRS


• Hadassah Faculty of Medicine award for outstanding MSc. Thesis (Israel).
• Fellowship of the Foundation Singer-Polignac (France).
• Fellowship of the Foundation Cino del Duca (France).
• Post-doc fellowship of the Foundation pour la Recherche Médicale (France).

TEACHING (selection)
• since 1989 Neurophysiology of the visual system. MSc degree Optometry, Univ. Paris XI.
• since 1989 Member. Master program committee in Optometry (Univ. Paris XI). 
• since 1999 "Role of the behavioral context on learning and cortical plasticity" PhD in Cognitive Science (Univ. Paris XI).
• 2001/2007 "Temporal processing, neuromodulation and plasticity in the barrel cortex" Ph D program of Cognitive, Integrative and Molecular Biology (Lyon University).
• since 2004 "Biological Principles of organization of visual and somatosensory systems" MSc degree (ENS Paris).

7 Master degrees, 8 Ph. D. degrees, 4 Postdoc


• 1999-2001 President of the Council of the Institut des Science Cognitives et de la Communication (Univ. Paris XI).
• 2007-2011 Elected member. Administration Council. French Society for Neuroscience. In charge of International relationships with Latin America Neuroscience Societies.
• since 2008 Founder and Member. Administration Council. France-Israel Society for Neurosciences, Neurology and Psychiatry (FINNePS).
• since 2009. Member of the Scientific Advisory panel of BIOTACT (EU Consortium, FP7, Coordinator: T Prescott).

• since 2009. Review Editor in Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience.
• from July 2011. Chief-Editor of Journal of Physiology Paris.
• Ad hoc reviewer (selection) : Nature, Nature Neuroscience, Neuron, J. Neuroscience, European J. Neuroscience, J. Neurophysiology, Learning and Memory and others.
• Ad hoc Grant reviewer (selection): National Science Foundation (USA), Medical Research Council (UK), Israeli Science Foundation (Israel), National Institut for Pyschobiology (Israel), Neuropole de Recherche francilien (Paris, France), French Society for Neuroscience.