Research highlight: K/Cl transporter in Hippocampus

The ENP team led by  Jean Christophe Poncer  and Sabine Lévi advanced our knowledge of the molecular processes that may be engaged upon brain trauma, seizures or stroke events. They revealed how enhanced neuronal activity rapidly alters chloride homeostasis and GABA signaling in cortical neurons. 

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Chamma I, Heubl M, Chevy Q, Renner M, Moutkine I, Eugène E, Poncer JC, Lévi S. Activity-dependent regulation of the K/Cl transporter KCC2 membrane diffusion, clustering, and function in hippocampal neurons. J Neurosci. 25 Sep 2013.

 Keywords: K/Cl transporter KCC2, GABA, F-actin, Quantum dots


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Part of Figure 1A from Chamma et al. J Neuro. 2013. This image shows the extrasynaptic membrane and the representative trajectories of QD-bound Flag-tagged recombinant KCC2 in the membrane.