Research Highlight : Consciousness in Infants

The team of new ENP leaders Ghislaine Dehaene-Lambertz and Sid Kouider recently published an exciting finding on perception and consciousness in infants. Using high-density event-related potentials, they have revealed a putative indicator of consciousness in infants. They found that supratheshold faces stimuli induced a late slow-wave in 5-month old and older infants that presents the same functional features than the P300 recorded in adults when they report seeing a stimulus. For more information on this fascinating finding, see the article:

Kouider S, Stahlhut C, Gelskov S, Barbosa L, Dutat M, de Gardelle V, Christophe A, Dehaene S, Dehaene-Lambertz G. A Neural Marker of Perceptual Consciousness in Infants. Science. 19 April 2013. 340(6130): 376-380.


More information about the Dehaene-Lambertz team

Fig. 3. (A and B) Variation of ERPs with stimulus duration in younger and older infants.