Research Highlight: Astrocytic Glutamate Transporters

The ENP leaders Nicole Ropert and Martin Oheim and their team have published their findings on vesicular glutamate transporters in The Journal of Neuroscience. In their investigation, they conducted several tests for localizing these transporters in mouse astrocytes using multiple methods and systematic control experiments. Despite all of their tests, they observed no evidence for the presence of the vesicular glutamate transporters in mouse astrocytes.

Check out the article for more information:

Li D, Hérault K, Silm K, Evrard A, Wojcik S, Oheim M, Herzog E, Ropert N. Lack of evidence for vesicular glutamate transporter expression in mouse astrocytes. J Neurosci. 6 March 2013. 33(10): 4434-55. 


Part of Figure 3A from Li et al., J Neurosci, 2013.

Evidence that astrocytes do not express EGFP in VGLUT2-EGFP mice.