September 2009
17 June 2015

Years 2-4

October 1, 2011 - September 30, 2014
ED 158
Université Pierre et Marie Curie

Defining the role of Foxp2 in cortical development and function

GROSZER Matthias

PostDoc at Centre de Psychiatrie et Neurosciences Centre Hospitalier Sainte Anne in Alessandra PIERANI’s lab.

Year 1

Université Pierre et Marie Curie


03/2008-02/2010 Staff research associate University of California Los Angeles, Department of Neurology, Dr. Marie-Francoise Chesselet laboratory “Mechanisms of neuronal dysfunction in movement disorders

9/2001-12∕2007 Master of Science in Biology Saint-Petersburg State University, Department of Genetics and Breeding, Institute of molecular genetics and molecular biology Dr. Sergey Inge-Vechtomov laboratory of “Physiological genetics”


We study neurodevelopmental disorders with the ultimate aim to identify key molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in establishing neuronal circuits underlying social cognition and behavior. We...