François TRONCHE
Research Director


To decipher the molecular mechanisms that allow brain gene expression to adapt to environmental challenges, we focus on the function of inducible transcription factors. Glucocorticoid hormones (GC)...


Group Leader : « «Gene Regulation and Adaptive Behaviors», CNRS UMR7224, INSERM U952 and Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris


Jobs held

2012 Director of Research 1 at the CNRS

2002 Director of Research 2 at the CNRS

1992 Chargé de Recherche? at the CNRS

1991 National Civil Service (at the EMBL, Heidelberg).


Research positions

Since 2009 Group Leader (GRAB team), CNRS UMR7224, INSERM Université Pierre et Marie Curie.

2001-2008 Founder and director CNRS Unit UMR7148, CNRS-College de France, Paris. 1995-2000 Researcher, DKFZ (laboratory of

Prof G. Schutz) Heidelberg, Germany, 1992-1996 Researcher, Pasteur Institute (laboratory of Prof M Yaniv), Paris. 1990-1991

National civil service, EMBL (laboratory of Prof R Cortese), Heidelberg, Germany.

1988-1990 « Assistant Normalien Doctorant », Pasteur Institute (laboratory of Prof M Yaniv), Paris.

Studies and formation

2009 Auditeur ?Institut des Hautes Etudes pour la Science et la Technologie? (IHEST, Ministry of Research)

1992 PhD in Biochemistry, University of Paris 7 and Pasteur Institute

1987 Master, University of Paris 7, Certificate of Virology, Pasteur Institute

1984-88 Student at the ?Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan?, Biochemistry.


Research administration

Since 2011 President of the Scientific Board of the Institute for Biological Sciences (INSB of the CNRS).

Since 2011 Elected member of the Administrative board of the French Society for Neurosciences.

2001-2008 Director of a CNRS research Unit

Since 2010 Organization ?Semaine du Cerveau? in Corre?ze.

2005-2008 Paris A committee for ethics in animal experimentation.



Since 2011 Editorial Board of « Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology », Springer Press. Since 2012 Editorial Board of « Frontiers in

Neuropharmacology ».

Reviewer for international (NIH, UC Berkeley, ERC, FWF, ..) and national (ECOS, ANR ACIs, INSERM, CNRS, Universities, Conseils

Re?gionaux, AFM, ARSEP, ...) agencies and foundations.


Awards and Fellowships,


1999 DKFZ prize for ?outstanding achievements? 1997 Marie Curie Fellow, two years.

1994 EMBO Fellow, two years.

18 grants since 2001 including three EU and four ANR. Running grants:

2010 ANR-Blanc TIMMS project (256k?), will end mid 2014


Mentor of 9 PhD students

Their actual positions : 2 group leaders, 3 post-docs, 2 researchers in private companies, 2 ongoing


10 congresses or symposia organization,

Last 5 years:

2012 Symposium « Genetic and functional dissection of dopaminergic pathway functions.? 25th ECNP Congress Vienna, Austria

2012 Symposium ?Dissecting dopaminergic pathway functions, molecular genetics and optogenetic approaches » 8th FENS Forum

of Neuroscience, Barcelona, Spain

2011 10th congress of the Integrative Biology Institute ?epigenetics, from Bases to Pathology?, October, UPMC, Paris

2011 Symposium ?Stress and drug of abuse: partners in addiction? XIVth Congress of the Spanish Society of Neuroscience,

October, Salamanca, Spain

64 invited talks in meetings:

Last 5 years:

2013 Dopamine 2013 meeting, Alghero, Italy

2013 Stress Satellite meeting of the « Socie?te? des Neurosciences » Congress, Lyon 2012 ECNP meeting, Wien, Austria

2012 8th FENS meeting, Barcelona, Spain

2012 Congress "Gender Normativity", Luxembourg University, Luxembourg

2012 Meeting MILDT, Paris

2011 25th Hellenic Society for neuroscience Meeting, Patras, Greece

2011 XIVth Congress of the Spanish society for Neurosciences, Salamanca, Spain

2011 Symposium Colle?ge de France ?Gender bias and diseases?, Paris

2011 Workshop « sex diffe?rences in the brain », Uppsalla, Sweden

2011 8th World Congress of IBRO, Firenze, Italy

2011 10th Congress of the « Société des Neurosciences », Marseille, France

2009 5th International meeting « steroids and nervous system », Torino, Italy

2009 PENS School « stress addiction and feeding disorders », Dubrovnik, Croatia.

2009 48th Congress of the American College of Neuro-Psychopharmacology, Hollywood, Florida, USA

2009 Congress of the ANR, Paris

86 invited lectures, 29 in foreign Institutes



Module coordinator of MSc course in neuroendocrinology (UPMC). Teaching in MSc courses (Transcription, Molecular Genetics,

Metabolism, Neurobiology, ...). 30-40 hours per year. Member of PhD (38) and HDR (4) committees



90 peer-reviewed publications (PubMed and in press), 21 in the last 5 years. h-index: 41, number of citations >6000.