University (doctoral school)

Main doctoral schools affiliated to ENP:

ED 158 (Cerveau – Cognition – Comportement)   Université Pierre et Marie Curie

ED BioSPC – Universités Paris Descartes & Paris Diderot 

ED 515 (Complexité du vivant) – Université Pierre et Marie Curie & Ecole Normale Supérieure

ED 419 – Biosigne (Signalisations et réseaux intégratifs en Biologie) – Université Paris-Sud

When you will register at the university for your first year of the doctoral program, you will have to sign a doctoral contract, which will be your working contract. When you sign it, please ask for the DUE form (“Déclaration Unique d’Embauche”).

When you register, do not subscribe to the social security (see social welfare system part).

Keep your payslips, you will need them for your tax return.

Please note that you have to enroll at the university at the beginning of each academic year.