Social Welfare System (PhD studies)

The health system in France is made up of:

  • the social security (“sécurité sociale”), mandatory, which allows you to be reimbursed (up to 70/80%) of your healthcare expenses in case you are ill.
  • the complementary health insurance (“mutuelle”), optional, which provides reimbursements in addition to those provided by the social security.

For the 3 years of the doctoral program, the social security ("sécurité sociale") is not supported by ENP anymore but by your employer, the University. Indeed, as soon as you have signed your doctoral contract, your employer, the University proceeds to all the necessary registrations. It is automatically deduced from your payslip. 

When you register at the university for your PhD, do not subscribe to the student social security.

As for the complementary health insurance ("mutuelle"), if you want to subscribe one (optional), it is your responsibility to find a provider and to pay the chosen complementary health insurance. 

Download the useful information about social the health system in Years 2-4.