Download Procedures


  • Short application letter written by ENP team Principal Investigator (PI)
  • A CV of the applicant and a list of his/her publications 
  • Two recommendation letters written by eminent scientists who know the applicant
  • Research project presentation letter (2 pages max. in French or English)
  • Recent publications of the members of hosting team (10 pages max.)

Hosting laboratory is responsible for all administrative formalities (visa, residence permit...) and research financial support. 

Eligibility conditions

  • Hosting team must be affiliated to ENP
  • Pending approval of applications to other sources of financial support
  • Post Doc applicant must have been working abroad for at least 2 years
  • Confirmed scientific excellence (courses, publications, and/or expertise in specific area of interest to ENP)


ENP will answer within two months after reception of a complete application sent ENP team PI.

Applications are reviewed by ENP Steering Committee with external experts if necessary.

Support is offered for three to six-month periods with fixed-term contracts and a net salary of 2 323€/month.

Teams can be granted Post Docs funds 2 times only for 2 different candidates during their ENP affiliation.