Starting Grant

ENP has awarded 5 Starting Grants to young scientists,  helping them to obtain tenured positions in national research agencies, setting up their teams quickly and acessing the latest technology.

" When I was a postdoc student in Switzerland, I had the opportunity to give a seminar on my work at the Institut du Fer à Moulin in Paris and it is where that I learned about the ENP network and its support programs for young researchers..."

Read more from Manuel Mameli, Inserm.

The objective of the ENP Starting Grant Program is to attract and support bright scientists working abroad to help them start their career in the Paris region.

Proposals are selected on the basis of their innovative and daring potential, from all fields of neuroscience. They often turn out to be precious assets on the national scientific scene.

The Starting Grant holder is given the opportunity to set up his team rapidly, acquire equipments, he/she is offered assistance to find his/her way through French funding procedures, etc. This program gives the opportunity to a talented investigator to conduct innovative projects with reduced strain and delay.



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