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Alzheimer's Disease and related syndromes hit about 860 000 people and more than 225,000 new cases occur each year.

Parkinson's Disease affects more than 150,000 people and more than 500,000 people suffer from epilepsy.


You have the right to access, alter, correct, and remove data that concerns you. 


  • Traceability of donations and their assignment
  • ENP accounts are validated by an accounting firm, certified by an external auditor and published in the Official Journal

Tax cuts for Individuals

  • Reduction of income tax equal to 66% of the value of the gift, in the limit of 20% of taxable income
  • Special wealth tax: Reduction of 75% of the donation amount within the limit of € 50,000 (maximum donation: € 66,667)

Tax Cuts for Companies

Reduction of corporation tax to 60% of the donation to a maximum of 0.5% of annual turnover.

The ENP needs your contribution to support the advances in Understanding and Treating Brain's diseases.

Please enclose with your donation with the downloadable form thoroughly completed

Contact  Please contact Mrs Hénin, General secretary of the ENP, for further queries

Three ways to Contribute :

  • Global contribution unrestricted
  • Contribution partially affected: 50% to a research project on a theme such as stress, and 50% to specific ENP actions