Katherine MATHO
March 2008
26 September 2013

Years 2-4

October 1, 2009 - September 30, 2012
ED 158
Université Pierre et Marie Curie

Connectomic analysis of the binaural circuit and investigation of mechanisms controlling its development.


Postdoc at Cold Spring Harbor, New York  at the lab of Z. Josh Huang.

Year 1


ENP alumna Katherine Matho performed a connectomic analysis of the binaural circuit for sound localization during her PhD. She contributed to the development of a novel technique of multi-color two-photon tissue imaging by synchronizing pulses from an optical parametric oscillator and a femtosecond laser onto three distinct chromophores. Check out the article for more details: 

Mahou P, Zimmerly M, Loulier K, Matho KS, Labroille G, Morin X, Supatto W, Livet J, Débarre D, Beaurepaire E. Multicolor two-photon tissue imaging by wavelength mixing. Nat Methods. 8 July 2012. 9(8): 815-8.

Key words: Two-photon imaging, Brainbow, Multiphoton excitation


Figure 1E from Mahou et al., Nat Methods, 2012. Image depicts the model of wavelengths emitted when foci match vs. when the foci do not match.

A l’occasion de ses 50 ans, La Poste émet un timbre Inserm crééé par deux artistes à partir d'une image de Katie.


Information processing in the brain and retina relies on extraordinarily complex and precisely organized assemblies of neuronal and glial cells. The development of these networks raises two great...