Jocelyne CABOCHE
Research Director
ED 158


The main goal of our team is to unravel the intracellular events that govern cerebral plasticity and long-term behavioral alterations. We study their roles in gene regulations, neuronal adaptations...



   2014-present : CNRS/DR1 co-leasder or the team « Neuronal Signaling and Gene Regulations » ; Université Pierre et Marie Curie – Paris VI- laboratory  Neuroscience Paris-Seine (Director Hervé Chneiweiss)

2010-2014: CNRS/DR1 leader of the team “ Intracellular Signaling and Neuroadaptation”. (Director Bruno Giros)

2007-2013: Director of the Federative Institute of Biology or University Pierre et Marie Curie-Paris VI.

2002 : Research Fellow at CNRS : DR2 and Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches (HDR); UMR7102

1996 : Research fellow at the CNRS; CR1; UMR7102 (Pr Jean Mariani)

1992 : Research Fellow at CNRS; CR2

2000-2002 : Post-doctoral position at Institut Pasteur de Lille (France) “Molecular Oncology” group (Pr D. Stéhelin)

Selected publications:

Feyder M, Södersten E, Santinin E, Vialou V, LaPlant QC, Watts EL, Spigolon G, Hansen K, Caboche J, Nestler E, Fisone G. (2014) A role for mitogen- and stress-activated kinase 1 in L-DOPA-induced dyskineisa and FosB expression. Biol. Psy ; Jui 28.

Södersten E, Feyder M, Lerdrup M, Gomes AL, Kryh H, Spigolon G, Caboche J, Fisone G, Hansen K. (2014) Dopamine signaling leads to loss of Polycomb Repression and aberrant gene activation in experimental Parkinsonism. Plos Genetics ; Sep 25.

Cahill E, Salery M, Vanhoutte P, Caboche J (2014a) Convergence of dopamine and glutamate signaling onto striatal ERK activation in response to drugs of abuse. Front Pharmacol, 4:172.

Cahill E, Pascoli V, Trifilieff P, Savoldi D, Kappes V, Lüscher C, Caboche J, Vanhoutte P. (2014b) D1R/GluN1 complexes in the striatum integrate dopamine and glutamate signalling to control synaptic plasticity and cocaine-induced responses. Mol. Psy ; Dec;19(12):1295-304. doi: 10.1038/mp.2014.73. Epub 2014 Jul 29.

Pascoli V, Cahill E, Bellivier F, Caboche J, Vanhoutte P (2014) Extracellular Signal-regulated protein Kinases 1 and 2 activation by addictive drugs : a signal toward pathological adaptation. Biol Psy, 76, 917-926.

Heck N, Dos Santos M, Amairi B, Salery M, Besnard A, Herzog E, Boudier T, Vanhoutte P, Caboche J. (2014) A new method for 3D morphological analysis of both pre and postsynaptic elements from confocal images : corticostriatal synapse formation under cocaine. Brain Struct Funct, Jul 8.

Besnard A, Laroche S, Caboche J (2014) Comparative dynamics of MAPK/ERK signalling components and immediate early genes in the hippocampus and amygdala following contextual fear conditioning and retrieval. Brain Struct Funct Jan;219(1):431.  

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Pascoli V, Besnard A, Hervé D, Heck N, Pagès C, Girault JA, Caboche J*, Vanhoutte P* (2011) cAMP-independent tyrosine phosphorylation of NR2B mediates cocaine-induced Extracellular signal-Regulated (ERK) activation. Biol Psychiatry 69:218-227. *equal contribution.

 -   Besnard A, Bouveyron N, Kappès V, Pascoli V, Pagès C, Heck N, Vanhoutte P, Caboche J (2011b)Alterations of molecular and behavioral responses to cocaine by selective inhibition of Elk-1 phosphorylation. J Neurosci 31:14296-14307.