September 2014
09 September 2019

Years 2-4

October 1, 2015 - September 26, 2019
ED 158
Université Pierre et Marie Curie

Development of Prefrontal - Serotonin Raphe connectivity- effects of neuronal activity and the possible molecular guidance cues.

GASPAR Patricia

Year 1

September 1, 2014 - September 30, 2015
UEI (Unité d'Enseignement isolé)
Université Pierre et Marie Curie

Lab rot 1: Understanding the possible role of VGLUT2 in cocaine addiction .

Lab rot 2: Understanding the role of HEVIN in synaptic plasticity. team Bruno Giros 

Lab rot 3Role of ephrins in the developmental of dorsal raphe connectivity.

JAMAIN Stéphane
GASPAR Patricia


Doctoral fellowship (year 1-3) supported by the Labex BioPsy


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Patricia GASPAR
A number of developmental disorders, in particular in the field of psychiatry and neurology, are thought to result from brain wiring defects. This is the case for mental retardation or autism-...