Israeli Exchanges

Starting a collaboration with the ELSC for Brain sciences, the ENP had the opportunity to assist the ELSC retreat in Ein Gedi near Jerusalem on January 26th to 28th 2014.

ENP team leader, Dan Shulz along with Graduate Students Lyle Muller and Flora Bouchacourt, and the Graduate Program Coordinator Laura Peeters, were warmly welcome at this three-day retreat gathering more than one hundred scientists and students from international backgrounds. More info about the program

Dan presented ENP and the wish to start a collaboration with ELSC. This collaboration would be based on PhD student internships, codirections and joint research projects.

He also gave a lecture about "Processing of complex tactile scenes in the somatosensory system of the rat: electrophysiological, imaging and computational approaches".

Laura presented the ENP activities, while students presented their research. Flora about "Neural mechanisms of rule-based executive control" and Lyle about "Phase-based analysis reveals propagating waves during single-trial voltage sensitive dye imaging of visual cortex in awake behaving monkey". 

An  agreement of cooperation with the Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences (ELSC) of Jerusalem has recently been signed to contribute to mutual scientific and cultural enrichment.

 This Agreement will enable :

  • Exchanges of graduate students for 8-13 weeks internships in research teams affiliated to doctoral programs
  • Mutual invitation of researchers and students to retreats of ENP and ELSC
  • The opportunity for students to attend courses or seminars organized by each institution

Short term exchanges of Graduate students:

Up to 5 PhD students will be hosted during 8-13 weeks for training in research teams affiliated to doctoral programs. Graduate students will be selected by each institution on the basis of excellence criteria. A hosting laboratory can receive only one student per year. The internship is an opportunity for students to acquire technical skills in cutting edge techniques and discover a new research environment. At the end of the internship, the student must write a short report and in a lab meeting at its home institution. Transportation costs and subsistence (accommodation, daily fee) are supported by the host institution. A fixed amount of EUR 1 000 or ~ 4800 shekels per month is allocated to each student.

Annual retreats :

Each year, two PhD students and one or two researcher(s) will attend the retreat of the other partner. Guest reserchers will have the opportunity to give oral presentations and students to present posters. The hosting institution offers travel and accommodation expenses.