Figures since 2007

More than 2700 applications

74 recruited students

33 different nationalities 

53 theses already defended

More than 160 publications (2010-2018) already from ENP students in international scientific journals 

Rapports d'activité du Graduate Program

Graduate Program Directors

Laure Bally-Cuif, DR2 - CNRS - Institut Pasteur 

Laurent VenanceDR2 - INSERM - Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Biology - Collège de France

Enter the World of Neuroscience

This 4-year program is open to students who obtained their last university degree outside France. No French required. Working language throughout is English. 

The first year is devoted to lab rotations within the ENP network

The following 3 years are dedicated to the PhD project in one of the associated Parisian doctoral schools.

What ENP offers to recruited students

  • an administrative support to settle in France and during 4 years.
  • a financial support through a fellowship (of 1200 €/month) during the first year and a net salary (of around 1800 €/month) during the three years of PhD
  • an excellent research training in english for your PhD project
  • an access to top-level research centers and up-to-date techniques thanks to the lab rotations.
  • to meet with renowned researchers during the ENP days, or other symposiums organized and funded by the ENP.
  • the opportunity to interact with international students from all over the world.

The ENP Graduate Program supports you beyond your PhD defense

The ENP considers the post-PhD as an decisive step in students’ life. For this reason, ENP does it utmost by offering them some opportunities to prepare their future career and build a strong professional network, such as: 

  • ENCODS: Meeting to develop an array of activities- including workshops and roundtables - to balance the lack of training in “soft science” skills (presentations, career planning and development etc.)
  • PhD Talent: International career fair in Paris for students from all academic fields where students can meet companies and find a job.
  • NeuroFrance: International meeting with early-career sessions, short interviews & CV screening. 
  • SFN: World’s largest neuroscience conference in order to network with peers, discover great career opportunities, etc. 
  • Academic Positions: European career network for Academics, Researchers and Scientists. Make candidatess life easier by providing them with a wealth of job opportunities and employer presentations from organisations all over the world.  
  • Job proposals