NEWS 2017


The Neuroscience Workshop Saclay (NeWS) is a neuroscience conference organized for and by young scientists (students and postdocs from the Paris-Saclay University). It is sponsored by the NeuroSaclay initiative, which encourages interactions between the neuroscientific institutes on the Paris-Saclay campus. 

There is no registration fee, but online registration for the workshop is required.

Abstract submission Deadline: April 30th

Neural circuits and behavior: from cells to connectivity and function This year's meeting will focus entirely on the neural basis of behavior, covering everything from the molecular/cellular level up to the larger-scale brain architecture. As in previous years, this topic should be of great interest to the neuroscience community at large, helping us to better appreciate how the development, organization, and plasticity of neural circuits contribute the the establishment of behaviors in both health and disease. 

Plenary speakers Valérie Castellani (INMG, France) Tobias Donner (University Medical Center Hamburg, Germany) Stephen Goodwin (University of Oxford, UK) Mark Hübener (MPI-Martinsried, Germany)  Andreas Nieder (University of Tübingen  Germany) Russel Poldrack (Stanford University, USA) Alejandro Schinder (Leloir Institute, Argentina) Fekrije Selimi (CIRB, France) Ian Wickersham (MIT, USA)