Institut Pasteur  25 rue du Dr Roux 75015 Paris 

The FBP Course provides an opportunity for young clinicians and scientists to get acquainted with the exciting developments in the field and to be guided through up-to-date methodological approaches.

Featuring: Chin Eap, Suisse - Jean-Antoine Girault, France - Philip Gorwood, France - Paul Harrison, UK - Jérôme Honnorat, France - Marion Leboyer, France - Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, Germany - Guo-Li Ming, USA 

Lectures: Epigenetics,  Animal and cellular models, Genes x environment,  Biomarkers Pharmacogenetics.

Tutorials: Neuropsychology  Brain imaging Brain and neural circuits imaging Mouse vs human behavior 

Dates: July 3d-7th 2017

Deadline: May 11th, 2017. International applications are welcome.

For information and registration :

Course organizers: Patricia GASPAR Institut du Fer à Moulin Paris, France- Stéphane JAMAIN Groupe hospitalier Chenevier Mondor Créteil, France- Marika NOSTEN-BERTRAND Institut du Fer à Moulin Paris, France

Course coordinator: Uwe MASKOS Institut Pasteur Paris, France

Laboratoire d’Excellence de Biologie pour la Psychiatrie(Labex Bio-Psy): Jean-Antoine GIRAULT Bio-Psy Director Brigitte BOUCHARD Bio-Psy Executive Director