Frontiers in Biological Psychiatry Course

Institut Pasteur & Neurospin

This course is a joint effort between the Pasteur Institute Teaching department and the Bio-Psy Laboratory of Excellence (Labex)* and its partners to promote cutting-edge scientific training in Biological Psychiatry.Exciting advances in Neurosciences and Genomics are transforming research in Psychiatry into a highly dynamic and fast-moving field. The next 10-year period is likely to be “the decade of psychiatric disorders as research on mental illness is reaching an inflection point where insights from neuroscience and genetics will transform our understanding of psychiatric disorders” (Peter Campbell, Nature Editor).

Information, Program and Registration online before May 1st

These developments should allow better understanding of the origins and biological mechanisms of complex diseases such as depression, schizophrenia, addiction, and other disorders. Ongoing progress is also leading to the redefinition of the boarders between disorders and is opening novel prospects for treatment and prevention. The aim of the Frontiers in Biological Psychiatry (FBP) Course is to give the participants** an opportunity to get acquainted with and hopefully participate in the exciting development of the field.

The FBP Course gathers a team of international experts in both clinical psychiatry and basic research in neuroscience, genetics, and development. During this intense week, a combination of lectures and tutorial sessions will guide the participants through the most up-to-date openings in psychiatry, through the methodological approaches that have made them possible.Beyond the training sessions, on-site visits and discussions with experts will be organized to foster exchanges and convey curiosity for research among clinicians as well as understanding of the challenges facing clinicians among scientists.

**Expected attendants are clinicians and researchers in their early training. International applications are encouraged. Language of the course is English.

Registration fees for members of Bio-Psy teams and of FondaMental Expert Centers accepted to the course will be supported by the Labex.

Patricia Gaspar, Marika Nosten-Bertrand, Stéphane Jamain, Course organizers

Uwe Maskos, Course coordinator

Jean-Antoine Girault, Bio-Psy Director

Brigitte Bouchard, Bio-Psy Executive Director