Perception and Memory

Research center

25 rue du Docteur Roux
75015 Paris
Christian Bréchot


Université Pierre et Marie Curie


Genes, Synapses, Cognition
UMR 3571
Labex Revive, BioPsy


Neural stem cells


Alonso M, Wagner S, Lepousez G, Gabellec MM, Torquet N & Lledo P-M. (2012). Activation of adult-born neurons facilitates learning and memory. Nat. Neurosci. 15: 897-904 (selected for Faculty of 1000 Biology).


Lepousez G & Lledo P-M. (2013). Dissecting the microcircuit that drives gamma oscillations and long-range synchronization in the awake mouse olfactory bulb. Neuron 80: 1010-1024.

Lepousez G, Nissant A, Bryant AK, Gheusi G, Greer C & Lledo P-M. (2014). Olfactory learning promotes input-specific synaptic plasticity in adult-born neurons. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 111: 13984 -13989.

Mazo C, Lepousez G, Nissant A, Valley MT & Lledo P-M. (2016). GABAB Receptors tune cortical feedback to the olfactory bulb. J Neurosci. 36: 8289-8304.

Sailor KA, Valley MT, Wiechert MT, Riecke H, Sun GJ, Adams W, Dennis JC, Sharafi S, Ming GL, Song H & Lledo P-M. (2016). Persistent structural plasticity optimizes sensory information processing in the olfactory bulb. Neuron 91: 384-396.

Fields of research

Neurophysiology / systems neuroscience

Research Theme

General theme: Epigenetic regulation of neuronal networks and memory

Central topic: Adult plasticity of neuronal networks
System model: The olfactory bulb for its adult neurogenesis

Research topics:

- Functional consequences of adult neurogenesis
- Diversity of adult neural stem cells
- Role of learning in olfactory preferences and aversions
- In search of memory traces following learning.
- Plasticity of inhibitory interneuron networks