Mathematical Modeling in Biology



CNRS Sorbonne Universite
Sorbonne Université


UMR 7238 CNRS Sorbonne Université


mathematical models
biological mechanisms

Fields of research

Computational neurosciences / neural theory

Research Theme

The observed patterns that result from the communication between the neurons is very rich: they can notably reveal phenomena of synchronization of neuron discharges which are more or less rhythmic within a population, or phenomena of propagation of waves of neuron discharges in the brain. One of the major questions that will be tackled is to understand what may be the mechanisms  underlying all these interesting observations and how to give them the most rigorous mathematical framework possible. Would this result from the intrinsic dynamics of each neuron? From memory effects or learning?.  From the spatial complexity of interconnections between neurons?  What is the influence of noise ?

Team members

Chloé Audebert MCF
Nicolas Torres PhD
Pierre Roux PhD
Delphine Salort Prof