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Fields of research

Computational neurosciences / neural theory

Research Theme

Integrative properties of neocortical neurons in high-conductance states.
In awake animals, neurons of cerebral cortex are in a "high-conductance" (HC) state, characterized by a sustained, irregular and very noisy spike discharges. Neurons have very special integrative properties during such states, in particular regarding the integration of excitatory and inhibitory inputs. Studying this complex integrative dynamics requires a tight association between in vivo, in vitro and computational techniques. HC states are measured intracellularly in vivo in anesthetized animals, and these measurements are then integrated into computational models to recreate such states numerically. These models are then used in "dynamic-clamp" in vitro experiments, in which computational models interact directly with living neurons recorded intracellularly. This back-and-forth dynamics between techniques in vivo, in vitro and in computo allows us to re-create HC states in vitro and benefit from this preparation to reconstruct the transfer ("input-output") function of the neuron during HC states. This information is necessary to understand the dynamics of information processing during active states of cerebral cortex.

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