Cellular and Molecular approaches of Myelin repair

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Alexis Brice


Université Pierre et Marie Curie
Université Pierre et Marie Curie


Phone: 01 57 27 41 23 (41 24)
UMRS 1127 UMR 7225
IHU A-ICM, Neuratris, Grant of the Progressive MS Alliance (BraveinMS)


Multiple Sclerosis


Blanchard B, Heurtaux T, Garcia C, Moll NM, Caillava C, Grandbarbe L, Klosptein A, Kerninon C, Frah M, Coowar D, Baron-Van Evercooren A, Morga E, Heuschling P, Nait Oumesmar B (2013) Tocopherol derivative TFA-12 promotes myelin repair in experimental models of multiple sclerosis. J Neurosci 33(28):11633-42.

El Behi M#, Sanson C#, Bachelin C, Guillot-Noël L, Fransson J, Stankoff B, Maillart E, Sarrazin N, Guillemot V, Abdi H, Cournu-Rebeix I*, Fontaine B*, Zujovic V* (2017) Adaptive human immunity drives remyelination in a mouse model of demyelination. Brain 140(4):967-980.

Mozafari S, Laterza C, Roussel D, Bachelin C, Marteyn A, Deboux C, Martino G, Baron-Van Evercooren A (2015) Skin-derived neural precursors competitively generate functional myelin in adult demyelinated mice. J Clin Invest 125(9):3642-56.

Wegener A, Deboux C, Bachelin C, Frah M, Kerninon C, Seilhean D, Weider M, Wegner M, Nait-Oumesmar B (2015) Gain of Olig2 function in oligodendrocyte progenitors promotes remyelination. Brain 138(Pt 1):120-35.

Moll NM, Hong E, Fauveau M, Naruse M, Kerninon C, Tepavcevic V, Klopstein A, Seilhean D, Chew LJ, Gallo V, Nait Oumesmar B (2013) SOX17 is expressed in regenerating oligodendrocytes in experimental models of demyelination and in multiple sclerosis. Glia 61(10):1659-72.


Fields of research

Neurological and psychiatric diseases

Research Theme

The team is based on two PIs, Anne Baron-Van Evercooren and Brahim Nait Oumesmar, who share a common interest in understanding how remyelination proceeds and how it can be promoted with a strong emphasis on remyelinating cells and animal models of demyelination. They have, however, their independent lines of investigations. Brahim Nait Oumesmar focuses on the transcriptional regulation of CNS myelination and remyelination and Anne Baron-Van Evercooren on cellular mechanisms of CNS remyelination with a special focus on stem cells and their role in the repair process. Our goal is dual: unravel some of the cellular mechanisms involved in the process of remyelination and develop strategies promoting myelin repair.