Alzheimer’s and Prion Diseases



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Alexis Brice


Université Pierre et Marie Curie
Université Pierre et Marie Curie


Phone: 01 42 16 18 81
UMRS 1127 UMR 7225


Alzheimer’s disease
prion disease
Down syndrome
animal models


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Fields of research

Neurological and psychiatric diseases

Research Theme

We have interest in dementia characterized by the accumulation of amyloid proteins and neurodegeneration.
Modulation of A-beta secretion by cholesterol may have therapeutic implications. We are studying the lipid content of senile plaques using mass spectrometry. We investigate changes in A-beta secretion, APP endocytosis/trafficking and endosome morphology following cholesterol changes. We use Down syndrome models for the search of early markers of Alzheimer disease. We have identified early markers of neuronal dysfunction in transgenic animals. We inject oligomers of A-beta in mouse brains to study early events of neurodegeneration.

Prions exist as multiple strains that differentiate by the patterns of neurodegeneration they produce. Molecular basis of human strain diversity and properties remains enigmatic and, beyond the prion field, may be relevant to other proteinopathies. They are studied by taking advantage of our expertise in human prion disorders and models recently set up in the team including primary neurons and genetic models in C.Elegans. Search for anti-prion molecules and studies on the relationship between PrP, tau and A-beta are in progress.