Welcome to the 2015 Graduate Program!


Congratulations to the 5 new trainees :  Damiano AZZALINI ,  Sarah GOETHALS, Margot ROELL, Bryon SILVA and Mingyue WU.


A total of 728 applications were received and processed for the ENP 2015 Graduate Program call. Profiles and applications were reviewed by ENP members from each neuroscientific area of expertise: 243 applications were complete and approved, and 38 were selected upon the experts’ committee reunion. The eligible candidates then went through phone interviews and 15 applicants took the audition in Paris on April 16th and 17th. They came from the USA, India, China, Chile, Israel, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Hungary, and Belgium.

Let us thank warmly ENP researchers whom contributed to the selection process: Maria Cecilia Angulo, Laure Bally-Cuif, Paolo Bartolomeo, Brice Bathellier, Gilles Bonvento, Grégoire Borst, Arnaud Cachia, Antoine Chaillet, Jean Daunizeau, Alain Destexhe, David Di Gregorio, Stéphanie Dubal, Salah El Mestikawy, Carole Escartin, Philippe Faure, Fiona Francis, Bruno Gasnier, Jean Antoine Girault, Julie Grèzes, Boris Gutkin, David Hansel, Bechir Jarraya, Carole Levenes, Sabine Levi, Jean Livet, Manuel Mameli, Brahim Nait Oumesmar, Srdjan Ostojic, Alessandra Pierani, Rebecca Piskorowski, Christelle Rochefort, Fekrije Selimi, Catherine Tallon Baudry, Laurent Venance, Sidney Wiener, and Boris Zalc.

Animation and Visits

At the end of the first day, ENP teams exposed  a dozen posters and discussed with the applicants during a cocktail hosted at the Holiday Inn Hotel near the ENP office. Current ENP students, researchers and staff could gather and discuss with the applicants.

On Thursday and Friday, prospective students were given the chance to discover 3 research centers and neuroscience teams belonging to the ENP network where they will be able to go for lab rotations and/or their future thesis. 

Many thanks to the scientists whom opened their doors and organized the tours:

- Prof. Jean-Louis Laplanche, Dr Cynthia Marie-Claire, Dr Xavier Declèves, Dr Franck Bellivier, from the Faculté de Pharmacie de Paris, U1144, who just joined the network during the 2015 call;

- Dr Zsolt Lenkei, Dr Karim Benchenane, and Dr Alice Pavlowsky from ESPCI Paris Tech;

- Dr Hervé Chneiweiss and Dr Salah El Mestikawy, from Neuroscience Paris Seine, IBPS, who initiated mini round tables around diverse specific subjects with members from all teams at NPS.

To wrap up these two-days auditions, student representatives organized an evening  to welcome their future peers and answer their questions with a high level of participation from all students of the program. This event was greatly appreciated by all.