ENP at Normale Sup' for the Brain Awareness Week 2017

The 18th edition of Brain Awareness Week was held in France and in 62 countries around the world during the week of March 13, 2017. Volunteer researchers from major research organizations, academia and neuroscience institutes offered a program of exhibitions, films, conferences, workshops and animations in free access to the general public.

The ENP, as volunteer member of the organizing committee in Paris, had the pleasure of presenting a conference at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, thanks to the generous support of the Department of Cognitive Studies.

The theme of the Neurobiology of Relations chosen by the speakers brought more than 220 people together to learn how social and biological influences help build our brains. 

The conference was presented by GP students supported by the ENP: Sarah Goethals, 2nd year in Romain Brette's team at the Institut de la Vision, Computational Neuroscience of Sensory Systems, whom addressed particularly how romantic relationships form amongst animals and humans. Hannah Metzler, in her fourth year of PhD in the team of Julie Grèzes at the ENS Social Cognition Group, looked more deeply into how attachment forms in the brain. And Margot Roell, in her 3rd year in Olivier Houdé's team at Paris Descartes Laboratory of psychology of the Development and the Education of the child, presented how attraction works between humans.

Professor Hugo Cousillas from the Université de Rennes researcher at the Ethos laboratory of animal and human ethology, opened the talk with the recent results obtained by means of the animal model of the singing bird. This conference, which was concluded with a time of questions and interaction that ended in a convivial manner, was indeed a great success.