The ENP Days 2016 at the Château Saint Just

The ENP Days 2016 took place from Monday 25th to Wednesday January 27th in the pleasant atmosphere provided by the hotel Château Saint Just, located in Picardy, an hour by bus from Paris. This year, one hundred international guests and members of the network, the administration, and management of the ENP attended this retreat that allowed everyone to reunite or get to know each other.

The first day, dedicated to students, was introduced by the directors of the ENP graduate program L. Bally Cuif and L. Venance, and closed by the representatives of ENP students D. Trubutschek, H. Metzler and V. Bercier, whom reviewed a rich academic and cultural year. Research presentations of students J. Sternberg, A. Ptukha and S. Mozafari preceded a lighter and lively conference on the theme of smell, presented by A. Fleischmann and his guests R. Salesse (INRA) and I. Merere-Poignant (perfumer at Takasago). Thanks to the international doctoral exchange programs with Chile and Germany, five Chilean students, freshly landed for a semester in the ENP teams, and two German students, from the GSN in Munich, were invited to the ENP Days and glad to participate in an animated movie-debate on "the role of ignorance and confusion in research" on that first evening.

Students also had opportunities to discuss with ENP team leaders during the poster sessions on the second day of the retreat, as well as with members of the Scientific Advisory Board of the ENP, by invitation from F. Walsh, A. Luthi, MG . Spillantini, P. Fries, B. Grothe and M. Hausser. Asked to rule on the integration of new teams to the network and the strategy of the ENP, they also evaluated the 28 posters presented by students. Tied winners were awarded the Prix Posters 2016: R. Todorova (Mr. Zugaro team, CIRB College of France) for "Changes in spatial and temporal profiles of spiking neurons in mPFC coupled hippocampal-cortical rhythms parallel memory consolidation "and M. Magiera and S. Bodakuntla (team Carsten Janke, Institut Curie) for "Posttranslational polyglutamylation of microtubules in neurons: from molecular mechanisms to the role in neurodegeneration".

During the next two days succeeded exciting lectures given by leaders of the new ENP teams, F. Bellivier and C.Marie-Claire (Faculty of Pharmacy of Paris), P. Billuart (Institut Cochin) and for the last session, Z. Lenkei (ESPCI ParisTech), R. Brette (Vision Institute) and M. Zugaro (Collège de France). Two members of the Scientific Advisory Board also agreed to present the plenary conferences on specialized topics. M. G. Spillantini first, with "Protein aggregates in neurodegenerative diseases: do they really matter," and M. Hausser with "All-optical interrogation of neural circuits" which generated much discussion and questions.

The ENP Days 2016, after the traditional group picture and a dancing evening provided by the Kathy Jazz Project band, concluded on a positive note for the future with a word from the director of the ENP, S. Charpak. Thus it is with pleasure that we will see you for the next retreat in 2017!

More details on the scientific program and speakers on the dedicated website