ENP 10th ANNIVERSARY 2007-2017

During the 2017 ENP Days, members of the network and their international guests celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Ecole des Neurosciences de Paris.

Let us recall that the ENP was initiated by Dr Jean-Antoine Girault (Institut du Fer Moulin), and established in 2007 as a "Réseau Thématique de Recherche Avancée" by the Ministry of Research and Education. Acting since 2011 as a private foundation, it is now managed by a Steering Committee of twelve researchers headed by Dr Serge Charpak, a Board of Trustees presided by Alain Bravo, and a Scientific Advisory Board composed by nine eminent scientists.

All gathered at the Collège des Bernardins, a magnificent cistercian building located in the heart of Paris, during two days and nights of science and conviviality.

After the first exciting conference given by Dr Thomas Mrsic-Flogel (Uni. Basel), a poster and cocktail session opened the retreat on Wednesday night. It was also the occasion for ENP GP 2017 candidates to mingle with ENP students, postdocs from ENP teams, PhD guests from the GSN program in Munich and the 2016-17 interns from Chile. Grant holders from the Domain d'Intérêt Majeur de la Région Ile de France Cerveau et Pensée were also invited to the retreat, and some young scientists got the chance to present their work to the community.  A dozen ENP teams also presented posters so that candidates and peers could learn about on ongoing research projects and initiate future collaborations.

Thursday was a day of meetings, culture, science and fun. In the morning, SAB members, steering committee researchers, audition experts, and ENP students had closed-door sessions. Some to decide for instance which teams would be members of the ENP network, others which candidates would be recruited in the Graduate Program, what would be the strategy for the coming year, or who would represent the ENP students during the coming year. Then all participants were invited to visit the Collège des Bernardins in small groups with a French and English-speaking guides, before getting back to poster presentations. In the afternoon, conferences started with a talk by Jean-Antoine Girault, introduced by Serge Charpak (FRN). Then, there was Beatriz Rico (King's College), invited by the ENP Student Representatives, talked about cortical networks. She was followed by two new ENP team leaders: Georges Debregeas (UPMC) and Virginie van Wassenhove (Neurospin). Then Boris Zalc (ICM) introduced Giovanna Malucci (Uni. Cambridge) on neurodegeneration, and Catherine Tallon-Baudry (ENS) presented Suzana Herculano-Houzel (Vanderbilt Uni.), before one hundred and thirty people hopped on shuttles heading to the Musée des Arts Forains. This entertaining 10th anniversary gala dinner (link to the pictures here after) was preceded by an apéritif well prepared by ENP representatives Soham Saha, Anna Ptukha and Maria Julia Carbajal, and much enjoyed by all: a speed dating session between senior researchers and students.

 Conferences continued on Friday morning with former SAB member Pierre Magistretti (Poly. Lausanne) introduced by Gilles Bonvento (MIRcen), followed by two new ENP team leaders' talks, given by Serge Luquet (Uni. Paris Diderot) and Anne Christophe (ENS) presented by Philippe Faure (NPS). Then former ENP Director Patricia Gaspar (IFM) gladly chaired an ENP Alumni session, with Emma Cahill (Uni. Cambridge) and Maja Petkovic (UCSF) who both graduated in 2013. Laure Bally-Cuif (Pasteur) and Laurent Venance (Collège de France), co-directors of the ENP Graduate Program, then announced the recipiants names of the Poster Prize, which went to Soham Saha (ENP student in Pierre-Marie Lledo's team at Institut Pasteur) and to Mariana Graciarena (Postdoc in Brahim Nait Oumesmar’s team Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle Epinière).

The last afternoon was dedicated to two conferences given by Zoltán Molnár (Uni. of Oxford) on thalamocortical circuits, and by Michela Matteoli (Uni. Milano) on links between the immune system and synaptic functions, introduced respectively by Alain Chédotal (IdV) and Laurence Venance. Finally, SAB members Mickael Hausser (Uni. College of London), Andreas Luthi (FMI Basel) and Michela Matteoli (Ui. Milano) had an open discussion with the younger participants on different issues of everyday researchers' career. They were joined by Federico Toro (Pasteur) who addressed the question of big data in the process of research and collaborations.

This 2017 scientific program appeared to be very rich and of the highest interest to a vast majority of participants whom contributed enthusiastically and made this retreat in Paris a real success. 


Read the full Program, the Students' Posters Booklet and the Teams' Posters Booklet.

More details on the dedicated website: www.enpdays2017.wordpress.com

Have a look at the beautiful pictures taken during the retreat!

Plenary lectures: http://img.gg/9lNC9sV

Poster Sessions: http://img.gg/k1rs9Ee

Musée des Arts Forains: http://img.gg/0TkuNV2

Others:  http://img.gg/8Ae59aR