Pierre-Yves Plaçais

Genes and Dynamics of Memory Systems

Main field of research: 

Neurophysiology / systems neuroscience


olfactory learning
long-term memory
Drosophila mutants
neuronal networks
Alzheimer's disease
Brain imaging
energy metabolism

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Research Center / Institute: 

ESPCI Paris Tech -Ecole Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles

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Team members: 

Valérie Goguel
Pierre-Yves Plaçais
Alice Pavlowsky
Laure Pasquer
Lisa Scheunemann
Eloïse de Tredern
Julia Minatchy
Johann Schor
Olivier Mantha

Principal Institution: 


Affiliated institutions: 



Laboratoire Plasticité du Cerveau

Initiatives d'Excellence: 

Labex MemoLife, Idex PSL, EMBO


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