Annemarie Wehenkel

Regulation of microtubule dynamics and functions

Main field of research: 

Neurogenetics / neurodevelopment


tubulin code
microtubule cytoskeleton
posttranslational modifications
neuronal differentiation

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Research Center / Institute: 

Institut Curie - Centre de Recherche - Paris/Orsay

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Microtubules are key cytoskeletal elements involved in a large number of functions in eukaryotic cells. They assemble from a protein dimer of a- and b-tubulin, two highly similar and conserved proteins. Tubulins are subject to a large variety of posttranslational modifications, which provide a rapid and reversible mechanism to diversify microtubule functions in cells. Our team is studying the mechanisms and functional roles of these modifications by using an interdisciplinary approach.




Team members: 

Annemarie Wehenkel
Cecilia Serieyssol
Kathiresan Natarajan
Laurence Vaslin
Maria Magiera
Ngoc-Lan Julie Nguyen
Sudarshan Gadadhar
Tiziana Giordano
Lurlene Akendengue

Principal Institution: 


Affiliated institutions: 

Institut Curie
Université Paris Sud 11


Université Paris Saclay / Université Paris Descartes

Doctoral School: 


Initiatives d'Excellence: 

Labex CelTisPhyBio, contrat ANR, équipe FRM


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