Angelo ARLEO
Research Director
ED3C n°158


Angelo ARLEO
The Aging in Vision and Action team is a new research group created in 2014 at the Institute of Vision, Paris. It aims at gaining a better understanding of the perceptive and cognitive disturbances...


Keywords: Healthy aging, spatial cognition, active exploration, multisensory integration, neural coding, learning mechanisms, memory, experimental neuroscience, neurocomputational modelling, autonomy loss, visual aids, rehabilitation.

Angelo Arleo is a Director of Research (DR2) at CNRS and a team leader at the Vision Institute, Paris, where he explores the perceptual and cognitive consequences of visual aging in humans. He is the Chairholder of the ANR-Essilor research chair SILVERSIGHT, which pioneers fundamental research on healthy visual aging, action and autonomy to foster innovative health care developments.

His research is primarily centred on the neural processes mediating multisensory integration, contextual learning, and spatial cognitive functions. He also focuses on adaptive neural computation and brain information processing. His approach combines experimental neuroscience and computational modelling to cross-link different organization levels, from single cell to behaviour. In addition, the validation of models through robotic implementations inscribes some aspects of his research within a neuroengineering framework.

He received a MSc degree from the University of Mathematical Science of Milan, Italy, in 1996. He joined Wulfram Gerstner’s Laboratory of Computational Neuroscience at the EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Switzerland) where he received his PhD in 2000. He did a postdoctoral training in experimental neuroscience in Alain Berthoz’s Laboratory of Physiology of Perception and Action at Collège de France, Paris, from 2001-2003. He worked as an associate R&D fellow at CSL Sony, Paris, from 2004 to 2006. He received his Habilitation to Direct Research (HDR) in Life Science from the University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris, in 2005. He was appointed as a CNRS researcher in 2006. From 2007 to 2013 he directed the Adaptive NeuroComputation (ANC) group in the unit of Neurobiology of Adaptive Processes, directed by Jean Mariani, at the University Pierre & Marie Curie, in Paris. In 2012 he was appointed as a Director of Research at CNRS. In 2014, he joined the Vision Institute, directed by José-Alain Sahel, as the head of the new Aging in Vision and Action research lab.

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