The Direction Recherche et Transfert de Technologies of Region Ile de France is pleased to announce a conference that concludes the Chair of Patrick Haggard, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London and laureate of a Blaise Pascal Chair 2017. 

When: 12th of december from 9 to 17:30 at ENS, 45 rue d'Ulm, 75005 paris, room Dussane

Lecture by Professor Patrick Haggard at ENS: Volition, signals, decision and values

The laboratory of Neurophotonic directed by Assistant Professor Matthieu VANNI at Montreal University is now proposing funded MSc and/or PhD positions in his laboratory in Montreal.  To read more:

Call for MSc and PhD funded positions in Neurophotonics and Visual neuroscience in Montreal

 Appel à projets FRM 2020 : maladies neurodégénératives

FRM : appel à projets maladies neurodégénératives

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December 12, 2019
The Direction Recherche et Transfert de Technologies of Region Ile de France is pleased to...
December 12, 2019
 Appel à projets FRM 2020 : maladies neurodégénératives

The École des Neurosciences de Paris Île-de-France (ENP) is a Foundation created in 2007 at the instigation of the French Ministry of Research as a Thematic Network for Advanced Research (RTRA in French).

This scientific foundation aims to promote research and to facilitate its applications.

The ENP network brings together more than 100 neuroscience research teams, located in 23 centers of the Paris region.

Isolated cortical computations during delta waves support memory consolidation

ENP PhD student Ralitsa TODOROVA, directed by ENP team leader Michaël ZUGARO in College de France, just published her PhD thesis results in Science (Issue 6463, pp. 377-381, see also p.

Anatomical and physiological foundations of cerebello-hippocampal interaction 

Arturo Torres-Herraes doctorant ENP just published his thesis (defense, july 2019) results directed by Laure Rondi-Reig