L'ENP, la Société des Neurosciences, l’ITMO Neurosciences, Sciences cognitives, Neurologie, Psychiatrie, et la Mission pour la Science et la Technologie de l’Ambassade de France aux Etats-Unis, renouvellent l’organisation du stand "Neuroscience in France: from Education to Research" lors du congrès annuel de la Société des Neurosciences américaine à San Diego.

Ce stand conjoint vise depuis 2012 à présenter l’organisation de la recherche française en neurosciences et les possibilités doctorales, post-doctorales et de financement pour tous les chercheurs.

Participez au stand "Neuroscience in France" à San Diego pour Neuroscience 2016

Scientific Events are opportunities for our members to contribute to national and international research. They also highlight the level of excellence reached by ENP teams and partners.

Summer Schools. They give a unique opportunity to selected students to assist to conferences and workshops offered by top researchers and experts of high-end techniques on very specific research subjects.  

Date, duration, design and theme of events and schools are freely determined by the organizers. 

Closing of 2016 ENP Call for Scientific Events and Summer Schools!

This page is devoted to a selection of Calls, Grants, Prizes and Job Offers that may interest neuroscientists and students. It is updated regularly.


Sensory Neuroscience at the College de France team Alex Fleischmann

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November 12, 2016 - November 16, 2016
L'ENP, la Société des Neurosciences, l’ITMO Neurosciences, Sciences cognitives, Neurologie,...
October 7, 2016
Le Labex Bio-Psy, l'Institut Pasteur et la Fondation Fondamental organisent un colloque intitulé...
October 19, 2016
This workshop is open to all, free of charge, upon registration. Posters and short communications...
October 14, 2016
L’Institut du Fer à Moulin (INSERM-UPMC UMR_S839) organise un colloque annuel sur une thématique d’...
October 17, 2016 - October 21, 2016
The Summer school “Monitoring Development and Activity of the Brain Circuits” organized by ENP team...

The École des Neurosciences de Paris Île-de-France (ENP) is a Foundation created in 2007 at the instigation of the French Ministry of Research as a Thematic Network for Advanced Research (RTRA in French).

This scientific foundation aims to promote research and to facilitate its applications.

The ENP network brings together more than 100 neuroscience research teams, located in 23 centers of the Paris region.

Research Highlight: Optimization of a genetically-encoded toxin reveals new roles for interneurons involved in locomotion

All animals depend on locomotion for survival, and the precise control of locomotion is critical for adapting behavior to different environmental contexts. Which neurons contribute to initiating and driving different speeds of locomotion?

Research Highlight: A new actor in cortical wiring

ENP team leader Alessandra Pierani and her group in collaboration with ENP team leader Thierry Gally reported of a new mechanism controlling the size and wiring of cortical areas devoted to complex functions via the fine regulation of migration and distribution of the first-bo

Research Highlight: Fast Learning with Weak Synaptic Plasticity

Long-term memory is thought to rely on the strengthening of coactive synapses. This physiological mechanism is generally considered to be very gradual, and yet new sensory stimuli can be learned with just a few presentations.